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Welcome to the World of MacBear, where fashion meets music! As drummers, we are the heartbeat, pulse, and drivers of every musical car we enter. We look to provide the foundation, adding momentum to paint a beautiful picture that only a drummer can. Why stop there? One of my favorite sayings: "If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good" - Dion Sanders. 

We want YOU to FEEL GOOD. We want to help you make a statement both on and off the stage, not only through your talent, but your look as well. We wish to create a platform where musicians, creatives, and dream chasers can find a unique look with personality. One that will get you the occasional, "I need that" or "Where'd you get that?"

Whether you're a musician, a creative, work in corporate, an average "Joe" or you're here by accident, you're here and you'll fit right in. 

So take a look around, and we hope you enjoy what you see. Happy exploring!

-Henry McDaniel IV


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